The Willpower Method: Why you should do a Willpower class?

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The Willpower Method: Why you should do a Willpower…


What is a Willpower Class?

A willpower class requires the mindfulness of a Yogi,the discipline of a dancer,and the agility and strength of an athlete! (By

This class is not just physical, but also philosophical!

This fusion fitness program combines rhythmic movements taken from Yoga, Dance and Calisthenics using some of the most sophisticated training methods in the industry!

The objective of the Willpower method is learning to move with integrity. We learn this by repeating movements with awareness and discipline.

The  WillPower method fitness concept, created by Stacey Lei Kraus was initially introduced to the UK by Virgin Active UK!  Today, the WillPower class has gained much popularity and is practiced throughout the world and has won a few awards too!


What is the Willpower Method?

The Willpower training method gives you all that your body needs in one class! Fundamentally, it helps to move you to move with freedom, agility, flexibility and strength for now and always!

The method combines the best type of training methods and principals to give you a sculpted, mobile and a strong body and mind!

Functional movements

The poses or movements of a willpower class are fundamentally functional! They are based on movements we use every day, like sitting down and standing, rotating etc.

Barefoot Training

Performing exercises barefoot helps us to connect back with our central nervous system, enhancing the body’s nerve signalling to the brain.  Improves our Neuro-muscular connection!  Did you know that our skin is the largest sensory organ?

Body-weight training

By learning to move your own body weight, the demand on your muscular strength is far greater which means  you increase the amount of muscle fibers used. This directly causes more strength and muscular gains.

What’s more, Body-weight training utilizes fat storage during your workouts! Because you are putting your body through greater stress, it sends signals to your sympathetic nervous system to release fat to keep you alive!

Flexibility Training

When you stand tall feeling invigorated and released from every part of you at the end of a willpower class, you know you have reached places you did not before!  What’s more, learning to move with great alignment and being mindful of each movement improves your mind-body connection!

Fitness Principals utilized

It also consists of almost all fitness elements that our body needs.  A willpower class trains you for strength and stability, Balance and flexibility, endurance/stamina, cardiovascular training, resistance training with mind-body neuro-muscular training! This type of training is essential to stay lean, agile and flexible as we age!


The training principal behind this method is that repetition equals results!  That is, movements are repeated until your body could perform them with great efficiency.


Without awareness of what each body part is doing in relation to the other, or how the body is moving in relation to gravity, you are no different to a puppet on strings!

Proprioception (or kinesthesia) is the sense though which we perceive the position and movement of our body, including our sense of equilibrium and balance, senses that depend on the notion of force (Jones, 2000).”

From: Psychology of Learning and Motivation, 2013

Vestibular Training to Improve Balance

The Willpower class has some unique training methods and, Vestibular training is one of them.  Making yourself dizzy is all part of the training! Yes, you read it right!  Incorporating this unconventional training method to be part of the Willpower Method was instigated by one simple question. “What if you had to?”

By deliberately targeting the fluid balance in our inner ear, the willpower method targets one of the major issue of aging –  Balance! If we can physically train our body to have balance, why would you not?

Positive Philosophy: Word of the Week!

Each class begins with an inspiring reading of a word…..something to help us focus and to explore for that week!  The class design itself will be centered around that word to infuse positive philosophy to deepen your mind-body connection!

“You don’t just end up with a sculpted body, but a whole lot more!”

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Jemima Ratnam
I am a Yoga Alliance UK registered Teacher for Hatha Yoga, YIN and Restorative Yoga, teaching Yoga since 2008, REPS UK Level 3 Person Trainer, Willpower Methhod Level 2 (International) Instructor, LesMills Advanced Instructor (UK & Inernational), Certified Aerial Dynamic Yoga and Aerial Pilates Instructor.

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