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Personal Training for the 40-Plus – Ealing and West…


Waking up to a new reality

We may have been too busy to notice the subtle changes creeping up on us!  One fine day, we start to notice that our stomach is getting bigger and hard to get rid of. Our skin lacking in brightness?  And, in general, we are feeling lethargic or worse, feeling depressed?

The Changing physical body at Forty Something!

Despite all our efforts to have an extended warranty on our youth, we inevitably get the odd glimpse of a body that is changing! We are told that it is all part of a natural cycle!

“What used to work for me doesn’t work anymore?”

What worked for us in our Twenties or even our thirties may not necessarily be effective enough for us now! In our desperation, we rush into trying out all of the latest trends in exercise and diets! This  leaves us even more exasperated and discouraged.


The major changes we may be experiencing could be caused by hormonal.

The reduction of or, an over production of some of these major hormones starts a disruptive chain reaction to the fundamental functions of our body.

Hormonal disruptions: Oestrogen and Progesterone

An imbalance between hormones like Oestrogen and Progestorone with the onset of menopause in women  (and with age) causes various disruptions to the physical, emotional and mental balance.

Low levels of progesterone during menopause could affect various important functions like brain health, sleep patterns, anxiety and even depression.

Whilst low levels of Oestrogen affects our bone mass, cause irritability, fatigue whilst high levels means slowing down your metabolism.

The body’s entire metabolic processes slows down with age and this is an unavoidable change! It affects the metabolism of fat and sugar! Together with an unhealthy diet and an inactive lifestyle, it is even harder to manage and/or adjust to these disruptions.

Growth Hormone

When we pass the age of 35 production of our Growth Hormone lowers 4 to 7 times.  This has a detrimental impact on our bone health and other functions.

Our Growth Hormone (GH) is responsible for

  • Regulating body composition, body fluids and muscle and bone growth
  • Build muscle mass
  • Boost metabolism of sugar and fat
  • Burn fat
  • Repair muscle tissue
  • Heart function
Cortisol Hormone

What’s more, as we age, the stress hormone Cortisol, (as it is mostly known for)  also increases.

The cortisol hormone was  designed to help us during a ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ situations releasing stored fat from our cells for energy to ‘run away’ from danger or fight back! [Cortisol hormone in the right amount helps our cells to release the stored fat]!  However, in it its elevated (or imbalanced) state over a long period of time, it makes fat burn near impossible!

Insulin – Metabolism of Fat and Sugar

Hormonal changes together with aging, impacts our metabolism of fat and sugar immensely.  The Insulin hormone plays a huge role here.  It depends on how well you’ve taken care of your body up till now! It could potentially start a chain reaction of some unwanted issues like diabetes 2, or liver issues and other unwelcome diseases.

How well your body metabolizes fat from cells is determined by a few factors.  For instance, the type of diet and nutrition, whether your body is insulin resistant or not, your work to rest ratio, how many hours of sleep you get, how much stress you have in your life etc.

Right type of Training and Nutrition

Equipping yourself with knowledge about how your body transforms from your mid 4os is paramount to making a positive change!  The solution we are advocating is a well rounded physical fitness program combined with a wellness program to go hand in hand!  Together with the right type of nutrition,  you can see yourself on your way to achieving  not only great results but experiencing long lasting benefits.

The correct type of training: HIIT, Yoga, Running or Pilates ?

Our program combines some of the most effective training principals and methods designed to improve your metabolic flexibility.*  It has to work inside out to create a long lasting change!

Training with a Group 

We thought that some of you may prefer to work out with your friends or family members who are going through similar changes and/or have similar goals!

It is also more fun and, you can encourage each other to not give up should things get tougher down the road.

We will make each of your training sessions as fun and light as possible.


Another added benefit of working as a group is that it provides a great opportunity to make new friends and share your journey with someone!  In addition to this, we will be organizing bi-monthly social gatherings! I am sure you will agree that, together, we are stronger!

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*Results will vary from person to person based on their history of fitness experience, current fitness levels and whether there are any existing  injuries and/or medical that may affect the overall outcome!


Jemima Ratnam
I am a Yoga Alliance UK registered Teacher for Hatha Yoga, YIN and Restorative Yoga, teaching Yoga since 2008, REPS UK Level 3 Person Trainer, Willpower Methhod Level 2 (International) Instructor, LesMills Advanced Instructor (UK & Inernational), Certified Aerial Dynamic Yoga and Aerial Pilates Instructor.

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