Benefits of Exercising at 40+

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Benefits of Exercising at 40+



Physical Exercise and Why is it good for you?

Science has proven that physical exercise on a regular basis can over come numerous health issues especially as we age.  This is also true for women as they approach that difficult time in their lives with the onset of menopause.

Physical exercise during this period has proven to bring far reaching benefits and help manage this phase better.   Physically moving our body gives us much more than a good- looking body!

What changes?

Our hormones play a huge role in creating and maintaining our body’s equilibrium. As we age and go through certain inevitable changes like menopause, we face many hormonal disruptions setting off a chain reaction within our metabolic systems.

During menopause, the hormones that once helped us, seem to turn against us.


Oestrogen and Progesterone

Once produced in the ovaries preparing our body for childbirth and various other functions, now gets produced in other glands including our fat cells.

The level of Oestrogen and Progestorone come to be imbalanced and this impacts the body’s ability to burn fat, control sugar levels and even our emotinal health to mention but a few!.

Low levels of progesterone during menopause could affect various important functions like brain health, sleep patterns and create anxiety. Whilst low levels of Oestrogen affects our bone mass, irritability, fatigue and anxiety whilst high levels means slowing down your metabolism.

Growth Hormone

As we age, our Growth Hormone levels lowers by  4-7! This especially impact women’s bone health.  Their bone mass is said to weaken by 1-2% every year and gets worse with menopause!

Cortisol Hormone

Another hormone that plays havoc as we age is Cortisol.  Did you know that Cortisol increases as we age? This hormone inhibits fat burning if it is found in excess in the body. However, Cortisol hormone in the right amount helps our cells to release the stored fat to be burnt!

Insulin – Metabolism of Fat and Sugar

The levels of Insulin also determines the body’s ability to metabolize fat and sugar from cells. Insulin is a transporter, storer and a converter!

When there is too much sugar in the blood, the pancreas releases insulin hormone to bring the levels down.  Insulin is like vacuum cleaner, clears the excess sugar from blood and feeds the cells with the sugar or glucose.  When the cell is filled with glucose, it sends a signal back to the pancreas saying stop sending more insulin.

Another role of Insulin is to store sugar (as glycogen) mainly in the liver and kidneys. (After converting sugar into fats, the Insulin hormone dumps fat into the liver and the belly!)

If you are not physically active….

An inactive life together with high levels of stress causes more damage to your metabolic body than aging!  Moving your body daily is paramount to maintaining a healthy working body and mind.

The benefits of physcial exercise  as we grow older

There are numerous benefits to mention here.  Please click here to find out more!  However, we could mention one main benefit of physical exercise here.  The production of the Human Growth Hormone.

The production of growth hormone is near to nothing as we age.  However, many researches have shown that with continued physcial exercise, the body could continue to produce the Growth hormone to help maintain some of the most important functions, like

  • Regulating body composition,
  • regulating body fluids and muscle and bone growth
  • Build muscle mass
  • Boost metabolism of sugar and fat
  • Burn fat
  • Repair muscle tissue
  • Improve Heart function

Research also shows that if you do intense exercise like resistance training, the Growth hormone is continually released by the Pituitary gland.

A simple formula to summarise may be Physical exercise = Growth Hormone production=increase in bone mass= enabling fat burn.

Our training approach!

Training Smarter, not harder!

You don’t have to do HIIT training every day to lose weight!* Also not everyone can do such high intensity training, esecially if you are beginning your fitness journey.  Giving youself enough recovery and down time will also determine as to how well your body is able to build lean muscle and burn fat.

The Right Training Method and Nutrition

We have created two fitness programs, the 12 week beginner program for those how new to fitness and as well as a  PT program for the 40 plus group.  We have selected and blended specific training principals and methods which addresses some of the age related issues that both men and women face.  Therefore, finding the right type of physcial exercise and nutrition most effective to your body at 40 something is paramount to gaining results rather than blindly following the latest trend or diet!


*It really depends on your history of fitness training. I am mainly referring here to beginners to fitness at 40 something or, those who are physically not well conditioned.

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Jemima Ratnam
I am a Yoga Alliance UK registered Teacher for Hatha Yoga, YIN and Restorative Yoga, teaching Yoga since 2008, REPS UK Level 3 Person Trainer, Willpower Methhod Level 2 (International) Instructor, LesMills Advanced Instructor (UK & Inernational), Certified Aerial Dynamic Yoga and Aerial Pilates Instructor.

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