Personal Training for the 40+

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Most of us find ourselves at the threshold of forty something and wonder  how did we even arrive here? What’s going on with our bodies, why does it bulge around the hip? Why is it so hard to lose weight?

We have blended the most effective training principals and methods within our PT program for the 40+ to help deal with the various changes we face as we age.

We offer programs specifically dealing with health issues such as poor metabolism, minor Heart conditions, High Blood Pressure, mild depression, lack of energy and motivation, lack of mobility and strength and overall fitness* and emotional well-being!

This program is available on a one-to-one basis, via online, at your home or at our studio.

Aging and Science

Science has proven that physical exercise on a regular basis can overcome numerous health issues as we age.    Through an effective exercise program, much of the body’s basic metabolic functions like controlling blood sugar levels, blood pressure,  visceral fat, as well as our bone mass is positively impacted.

For women, with age comes the additional troubles brought on by the onset of peri-menopause.  This triggers major hormonal changes within.  This affects not only our physical body but also our emotional and mental balance!  Exercise has proven to greatly reduce menopausal symptoms and improve and overall sense of wellbeing.

Positive changes through Exercise

1)Continued production of Growth Hormone

Research shows that no matter how old you are, if you do intense exercise, the Growth hormone continues to be released by the Pituitary gland.  This helps to maintain and/or increase bone mass as we age.

A simply formula may be

exercise = Growth Hormone production=increase in bone mass=fat burning

2)Brings Cortisol hormone down

Regular exercise reduce your stress levels whilst high levels of stress increase the production of the Cortisol hormone.    This hormone inhibits fat burn.  When you exercise you help bring your stress as well as Cortisol levels down so much so that the body is then able to to utilize fat from cells to be burnt off during exercise.

3)Improves Metabolic flexibility

With the right type of training , the efficiency of our metabolism is boosted again through exercise. With high intensity training,  the body can utilize fat from cells during physical activity.  It improves blood sugar levels as the body burns excess sugar for energy first. Thus reducing over production of insulin and improving insulin sensitivity.

The bottom line

What is clear is that as we age, it becomes even more imperative to

  • find the right type of training most effective to improve our metabolism
  • find the appropriate work to rest ratio
  • have 8 hrs of quality sleep every day!

Who can do this program?

  • Anyone from the age of 40 something who has little fitness experience and/or,
  • returning to fitness after a long gap or,
  • would like to maintain their fitness with innovative ways to keep fit!


You can choose to train via Skype online wherever you are in the world or at our Studio or at your own home** if you live in London, UK! Your training will involve outdoor and indoor training.


Please contact us now to book Your Online Consultation!

*We do not offer weight loss programs.  However, you are more likely to burn fat and lose inches through our personal training methods. The results however may vary from person to person and  depends on your commitment and self discipline in achieving your specific goals!

**You must provide your own fitness equipment!