Hit the Mat to Heal with Yoga

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Hit the Mat to Heal with Yoga


An oft-debated saying about the nature of pain says that “all kinds of suffering is equal”. Today, when the whole is stressed and anxious due to this global pandemic, there has been an urgent need to explore complementary therapies for combating COVID-19. A strong immune system can be more effective in protecting you from COVID-19 as well as other illnesses. Seriously, there is no better way to boost your immunity than with yoga. It prevents autonomic changes that harm your cellular immunity. Eventually, by curbing stress and inflammation, it empowers your immunity.

At our Yoga Classes in Ealing, we recommend to practice this oldest holistic approach to uplift physical, mental and spiritual health. We practice asanas to counter the ravaging effects of the virus and the post COVID recovery process. A lot of people took to their mats during these periods to calm their minds and lift their spirits. Yoga creates a connection and stimulate good vibes, whether in studio or through virtual classes.

After being affected with the virus, it acts as inflammatory disease, which sets off the response to the immunity system that in turn destroys the healthy cells. The inflammation is actually exacerbated by stress. This highlights the importance of meditative and yoga practices as preventative means of developing chronic medical conditions down the line.

Will the Asana Help?- Larissa Hall Carlson, an Ayurveda Practitioner and the former Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, says, “It is all about keeping stress levels low and your immune system healthy”.

It is known that the asana helps minimise inflammation in general. The different types of poses, in Sanskrit known as Asana, involve meditation techniques and regulated breathing. This in turn have positive effects on physical and develop and soothe mental capabilities. When practised regularly it reduces stress, develop self-esteem, minimises anxiety and develops psychological well-being. When you stand on your head, inhaling and exhaling at a slow pace, it helps to see life as a whole because your body, mind and your senses are working together, which in turn helps people to breathe easier post COVID-19 infection.

Heal with Yoga- Most of you who have fight your way out with the virus, must have experienced fatigue, breathing problems, suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome also known as ARDS (where fluids leaks into the lungs, making breathing difficult while the body struggle to get the oxygen it requires)

Though Asana won’t, bring back the elastin but it teaches you to accept your new normal and breathe better and thus actually helping in easing out stress and pain, making your breathing easier and helping in maintaining your mobility. It is for health, happiness and harmony. Asana is actually an all-round exercise that takes care of the mind, body and soul.

Setting the Ritual- Use asana to create a foundation for immunity. Start enhancing the quality of your life and make asana a part of your life to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Shape your life in such a way that it is in lieu with the rhythms of nature. Recovering from Covid 19, has thrown us a challenge and sense of uncertainty, the best way to overcome it is trying to be content and to go about our lives with steely girth and determination.

The Yoga Classes in Ealing at Arabdha Yoga School are curating special classes and have designed various courses in asana that will help you in building up your immunity, regulating breathing issues and mental health. Daily practicing the postures will mitigate stress and even boost immunity. These program will actually make you feel you are back in control of your life and surroundingsWe help to ease your stress and pain, to breathe and maintain mobility. To note, “Yoga can’t cure everything, but it can help a lot with the process”.

Jemima Ratnam
I am a Yoga Alliance UK registered Teacher for Hatha Yoga, YIN and Restorative Yoga, teaching Yoga since 2008, REPS UK Level 3 Person Trainer, Willpower Methhod Level 2 (International) Instructor, LesMills Advanced Instructor (UK & Inernational), Certified Aerial Dynamic Yoga and Aerial Pilates Instructor.

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