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SUMMER 2021 !


Time to condition, mobilise and strengthen your body preparing to resume your normal exercise routines
A beginner Yoga Practice suitable for all and Older Adults (70+)
Improve your Balance and Immunity
Learn step by step towards your arm balance

Calm your mind, release stress, energize your body, 

Heal your emotions,

become fully alive!




Yin yoga is a deeply revitalizing floor based practice targeting the deep connective tissues that covers muscles, ligaments, bones, organs, cells and nerves! This is aided by sitting in a pose between 3-5 minutes at a time to induce a deep muscular release.   It is a mindful practice and you will be guided throughout with prompts for self inquiry and meditation.


This is a powerful and deeply relaxing practice which takes you on a journey of self discovery.  You will be cocooned in blankets and bolsters and cushions continually supported in a safe space for you to release and begin your healing journey.


Hatha yoga is one of the 8 branches of Yogic philosophy where the primary aim is to gain total mastery of our physical body and all our senses and eventually, our minds


We explore different styles of pranayama practice (including our natural breathing styles and its quality) as prescribed in the Yoga scriptures  You will then be guided through a mindfulness meditation session! A deeply healing and transformative experience.

All classes are available on a One-to-One basis on request!




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