START DATE: 7th April – 12th May – 18:30-19:45 – Live Stream (via Zoom)

Who is this Course for

Road to Recovery course is designed specifically to help those emerging out of the grief  experienced due to the Covid 19 illness and/or trauma experienced as a consequence to losing someone very close to them.   However, this is a healing course for every kind of person and all ages whether you have had Covid 19 or not.   If you are looking for a deeply relaxing practice to just unwind and de-stress from the stress of long held lockdowns and life in general, then this is the perfect course for you!

What is this course about

The main purpose of this course is to unblock  any blocked energy flow or chi or prana (life force) through a deep mayofascial or deep connective tissue release and to bring about mental and emotional balance in to your life.

These practices are born from the thousands of years wisdom of Chinese and Indian healing practices, medicine and holistic arts like Yoga and Taichi/QiGong.

It is a journey of self-discovery through unblocking physical, mental and emotional blockages and learning how to conserver your energy.  The result of this practice is revitalisation and rejuvenation of your being from a cellular level!

What happens during a session

You will be taken straight into a deeply relaxed physical state through a guided self-inquiry meditation working specifically with a series of poses to help repair and heal your vital organs, especially those which have been affected by Covid 19, like lungs and heart, kidney and urinary bladder and so on.

The poses are mostly are seated/supine i.e. lying on your back) which are fully supported with props like Bolsters, cushions, blocks, blankets etc. You are encouraged to let go of effort  in order to achieve perfect poses.

All poses will work on your heart space to release tension  and/or grief/worry/anxiety in addition to working with your other vital organs.

Why we practice in the Evening

As this is a deeply relaxing practice, post practice you may feel quite light headed, spaced out, and the body could feel heavy as well as light (hard to describe this feeling) and you may not feel like doing any chores after this!  It would be perfect to do this, have a light dinner and go to bed 3 hours after your meal!

How to prepare for this session

There is nothing to prepare!  You just need to pay attention to your surroundings like the lighting in the room, preferably dimmed.  May be close the doors if you have young children running around etc. You can have some soft music, incense etc.

What to bring

x2 Bolsters (buckwheat). It will cost you around £30-35 per bolster.

X2 Blankets –  1 large and 1 small

X2 Flat blocks

X1 brick block (looks like a brick shape)

X yoga belt

LINKS to purchase equipments


Links to purchasing Buckwheat Bolsters – standard size

Search results: 48 results for “buckwheat” (


Yogamatters Hemp Buckwheat Bolster: Sports & Outdoors

 Investing on your own equipment is well worth it and advisable due to hygiene etc.  Also you will probably end up using it every day after a hard day to practice 1-2 poses to relax and heal continuously. If all is not well,  you can re-sell them (let me know if you do) or use them as an additional seating option! They are really comfortable.

What not to do during practice

Not to Eat or drink during practice

Not use mobile phone during practice

Benefits of this Course

  • Deeply relaxing and Calming
  • Alleviates Stress
  • Improves sleeps
  • Emotional release
  • Alleviates physical pain
  • unblock blocked energy (increases flow of chi or prana)
  • improves vital organ health
  • start of healing process from a cellular level
  • increase hip mobility
  • improves overall wellbeing12