Laghusamudiranatva and Pranayama

Mobility & Yogic Breathing Techniques
START DATE: 7th April – 12th May – 6:45 – 7:30 am – Live Stream (Via Zoom)

Who is this course for

This course is for anyone who wish to improve their breathing techniques and/or learn how to breath properly!

What is this course about

Laghusamudiranatva is a Sanskrit means ‘mobility of the body’ and Pranayama (in yoga) loosely means the regulation of the breath through certain techniques and exercises.
This course explores how you can increase the capacity of your lungs through certain breathing practices.  This course also helps you increase your immunity and lung capacity.  There are many types of yogic breathing methods and techniques and we will explore 3-4 of these in this course.

What happens during a session

In order to move the prana in your body, we need to move the body first.  Instead of going through a vigorous Asana or a series of yogic postures, you will be taken through a yogic body opening series to help you get ready to sit for your Pranayama practice!

Why we practice early morning

It is done early mornings to include a particular type of breath work to stimulate and detox your digestive system.
It is also best to do this sort of a practice on an empty stomach when the mind is calm and able to focus before the body gets busy with digesting food!

How to prepare for this session

Please have some warm water as soon as you wake up to flush your system if possible. If you can avoid coffee or tea prior to your practice it would be better but not necessary!

What to bring

You will need a Yoga Mat, blanket/s, a comfortable cushion and/or Bolster to sit on or a chair if you prefer!

What not to do during practice

Try to be still during the actual Pranayama practice.  This is very hard to do and it is a skill to be still! This is your practice to take charge of the fluctuations of your mind! And this very practice is the essential goal of Yoga!

Benefits of this practice

To mention a few of the benefits you may gain through this practice:
  • Improves your immunity
  • Increases Lung Capacity – more oxygen into your organs
  • Improves organ health
  • Increases oxygen in your blood and cells
  • Efficient functioning of your body’s major systems
  • Improves spinal mobility
  • Clears your nasal
  • Balances right and left hemispheres of the brain
  • Brings lightness and energy into your body
  • Mind becomes calm
  • Increases focus
  • Creates stability and balance within