What is a Willpower Class?


The Willpower Method is a sweat drenched functional barefoot body-weight  training method combining yoga and fitness conditioning , strengthening and cardiovascular principals infused with emotional empowerment! The class is set to great music and positive philosophical cues to help you feel engaged and empowered!  Today this program is called Cardio Yoga created by Stacey Ley Kraus, founder and creator of the Willpower Method!  We use this program to deliver empowering and yet mindful and an effective fitness program specific for Yogis and Yoginis!
Expect to get your heart rate up and sweat quite a bit! Even at a beginner level (1&2), the class can feel quite tough! But don’t worry!  There are 4 levels to choose from as this class caters for all levels of fitness and abilities!

What is unique about this class?

Functional movements

The Willpower movements are based on movements we use every day, like sitting down and standing, rotating etc.

Barefoot Training

Performing exercises barefoot helps us to connect back with our central nervous system, enhancing the body’s nerve signalling to the brain.  Improves our Neuro-muscular connection!  Did you know that our skin is the largest sensory organ?

Body-weight training

By learning to move your own body weight, the demand on your muscular strength is far greater which means  you increase the amount of muscle fibers used. This directly causes more strength and muscular gains.

What’s more, Body-weight training utilizes fat storage during your workouts! Because you are putting your body through greater stress, it sends signals to your sympathetic nervous system to release fat to keep you ‘alive’!

Flexibility Training

When you stand tall feeling invigorated and muscularly released, you know you have reached places physically (and emotionally) that you did not before ! What’s more, learning to move with great alignment and being mindful of each movement further improves your mind-body connection!


The training principal behind this method is that repetition equals results!  Same movements are repeated until your body could perform them with great efficiency!

Positive Philosophy: Word of the Week!

Each class begins with an inspiring reading on a word prescribed by the Method…..something to help us focus our minds and to feel grounded. The class design itself will be centered around that word to deepen our practice!

Benefits of doing a Willpower Class

  • Improve Mobility and Co-ordination
  • Increase Muscular strength and tone
  • Total body sculpting
  • Body-weight training to increase lean muscle
  • Fat burn
  • Increased Energy and vitality
  • Increased Endurance & stamina
  • Increased Strength and Flexibility
  • Improved balance and Stability
  • Increased Cardio vascular strength and capacity without high impact on joints
  • Improving neuro-muscular connection through developing kinesthetic awareness
  • Awareness of our emotional body
  • Motivation and positive philosophical input
  • An improvement on mental toughness and steadiness!
  • Ability to deal with and overcome obstacles!

Who can do this class?

Anyone, at any age, any level of fitness from any sports background are welcome!


We recommend that you take up a Level 1&2 class throughout.  You should ensure that your body does not get over-heated and to remain well hydrated throughout the class. You will be encouraged to take rest whenever you need to!

People with Osteoporosis or at the risk of getting Osteoporosis

This class is especially beneficial for those suffering with Osteoporosis.  As explained above, body-weight resistance training demands the use of more muscle fibres  to be utilized during exercise. This means the muscle building is far greater than if you were to use machines.

Beginners to Exercise

Complete beginners to fitness or returning after a long time, please choose Level 1&2 willpower class on Timetable.

Lacking in Energy/feeling lethargy

As the willpower class combines a fusion of cardio conditioning, strength and flexibility training all at the same time, much energy is released! At the end of your willpower workout, you walk out feeling taller, leaner and energized!

“You don’t just end up with a sculpted body,

but a whole lot more!”