Yoga & Pranayama In the Park!

Summer 2021!

Breath and Balance!
START DATE: 6th June – 25th July 2021 – 3:00-4:00 PM Every SUNDAY at Gunnersbury Park

This course is for  8 consecutive weeks.  However any weeks that may not run due to unpredictable weather may then be carried forward to August or another day during the week if majority of participants can join.    If not, a another suitable week will be arranged to finish the course!  No refunds will be made once you have started the courses.  You have 14 days to cancel course after purchase of same!

What is this course about

This course will explore our emotional and mental health and wellbeing post Covid-19 pandemic, how we have coped and how we will navigate our inner world , our lives in a fast changing world!  This exploration is a slow process but will take us closer to renewal and growth!  The course endeavours to help us achieve more inner and physical balance  through a guided practice !  We will be spending the opening sequence in meditation and mobility and some breathing and then move on to exploring Asana portion of the class and then spend 15-20 minutes on Pranayama or breathing techniques.

Who is this course for

This course is for anyone who wish to  not only learn how to breath properly by learning some new breathing techniques as taught in Yoga but also explore your inner emotional world and release what no longer serves you1  It is suitable for all ages and abilities!   You do not need to have previous experience in Yoga Asana or postural practice but some experience would be useful!  However, during the asana portion of the class we will be focusing on Balance poses and Forward folds mainly!  If you generally struggle with balance then please bring a prop- may be your walking stick or a folding chair!.

What do you need to bring with you?

Please bring with you a Yoga Mat, a blanket and a cushion if you need and a folding chair and/or walking stick if you need to help you with the balancing poses.  If you do not have either of these , please do not worry, we will be using a tree or two to help us!

What not to do during practice

Please ensure that you drink water 2 hours before arriving so that you wont have to take too many breaks!  Please switch off your mobile phones and leave it inside your bag.  Please also ensure that if you come with your children that you have someone else to look after them so that you have all the time to focus on your practice!

Benefits of this practice

  • Increase Lung Capacity
  • Improve your immunity
  • learning to breath properly, learn new breathing techniques
  • calm your mind
  • Emotional Release through a thought provoking guided practice
  • De-stress your mind and body
  • Learning how to balance physically
  • Improving spinal mobility and alignment
  • learning how to forward fold the correct way , step by step, for all levels!
  • Renewal and regrowth!