Summer Courses 2021

Course 1

Yoga In the Park – 8 weeks

Taught by a Certified & Registered Senior Yoga Teacher

What is this course about

This course will explore our emotional and mental states post Covid-19 pandemic, how we have coped and how we will navigate our inner world , our lives in a fast changing world!  This exploration is a slow process but will take us closer to renewal and growth!  The course endeavours to help us achieve more inner and physical balance  through a guided practice !  We will be spending the opening sequence in meditation and mobility and some breathing and then move on to exploring Asana portion of the class and then spend 15-20 minutes on Pranayama or breathing techniques. Read more

Course 2

Preparing for Arm Balances – 6 weeks 

Price £180

 DATE: 10th July – 31st July  (Every Saturdays)   LOCATION: Central London

This is a studio based 6-week short course and is suitable for those who have a good regular yoga practice for up to 2 years and/or. you have good mobility, flexibility and good overall physical strength without any current injuries.

We will go through a step-by-step process to building your upper body strength

We hope to  achieving at least one  arm balance  in the yoga practice during the 6 week  course! Some of you may like to work on a particular arm balance of your choice that you have been working on for some time!

Don’t worry if you feel you did not progress far enough  and/or achieve an arm balance in 6 weeks! This is indeed too short a time to expect that!  We hope to run this course several times a year so people like yourself can strengthen your practice until you achieve your desired arm balance!

You can also take up a few One-to-One sessions if your prefer!

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Course 2

Beginner Chair Yoga – 6 weeks

The 6 week course forms part of the Beginner Yoga Series.  You will be following a structured step-by-step 6 week course to help you develop a solid foundation for your yoga practice.

This course is suitable for Older Adults, persons with any injuries/minor disabilities and complete beginners of all ages and abilities.

You will gain an understanding in alignment of yoga poses, how to breath properly and gain some basic knowledge of  purpose of Yoga using a chair and other props!

To find out more about what is Chair Yoga, please click here.

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