Pranayama and Meditation

What is Pranayama?

People often confuse prana to be similar to oxygen we breath in or, that it is a name given to breathing!

In the Yogic scriptures however, Prana is referred to as an invisble force or life force which is form of energy that moves each particle within us and outside of us! It is stated that one realises what prana is as the last breath leaves our physcial body during death!

We explore different styles of pranayama  (rediretion of our life force or prana within the body through various breathing techniques) including exploring our natural breathing styles and its quality!

You will then be guided through a mindfulness meditation practice exploring one meditation method per week! This is a slow journey of self inquiry!

We will repeat these methods until we are able to sit still and fully immerse ourselves in the process.

This practice is a  deeply healing and a transformative experience.

Who can do this class

Anyone can do this class!

It is especially beneficial for those with a restless disposition, anxiety, or have a stressful life in general.  In addition, it is also beneficial for those with any medical conditions such as High Blood pressure or heart problems!

“Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystry to be lived”