Our Mission

The name ārabdha in Sanskrit means “the One who has begun”!  Whether you are someone who is just beginning your Yoga journey or you are someone who is ready to go deeper in your existing practice, our mission is to help you find your inner freedom and equilibrium.  We wish to build strong foundations and help develop your awareness of Self through mind, body and emotions!  Our greatest hope is that, all who walk through our doors will continue to engage in self investigation, seek their truth and to live a balanced and a joyful life!   

                                                                                                                             Om, Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi!

What we offer   

We have created an interesting array of  yoga programs to suit different types of students, needs and abilities, whether you are a newbee, yoga addict or an athlete looking to develop your flexibility!  Our unique programs are designed and delivered  in bite sizes so that you will fully immerse in learning one aspect of your practice! We give you what you miss out in a general Yoga class!

Our programs are delivered via multiple methods and multiple platforms!

Short Courses

Our 4/6/8-week short courses  program have been developed to suit every kind of person and budget.  These short courses are developed to enable students to get a taste of  and/or insight into various aspects of a Yoga!  These are focused programs.  We hope that this method of training will encourage more people to take up Yoga and/or a yoga related fitness program. Further, it is also more affordable to commit to 4,6 or 8 weeks rather than commit to a paid yearly membership!  Please register for Free a Membership today to receive information on offers and updates on all our future courses and workshops.

YOGI Fitness

We will be offering a world renowned and most effective Fitness and Yoga fusion program called Cardio Yoga which was formerly known as the Willpower Method! This is an ideal program for both Yogis and Fitness Athletes as it covers all important aspects of fitness, wellbeing and much more! Please register for your free membership to be notified of class venue and dates!  We will also be running  various other fitness based yoga programs for Yogis and Yoginis throughout each year! Please have a look at our YOGI Fitness short course for Spring 2021here!

Monthly Focus

The Monthly Focus page will publish various instructional and explorative videos on varied subjects to include spiritual/philosophical discourse! A great opportunity for you to have more insight into not only Yoga philosophy to help deepen your practice and/or tools to help you navigate life but also, a better understanding of proper alignment of your physical poses, how to become more aware of your physical body in relation to your emotions!

One-to-One Private Tuition

Please contact us (via Contact page) to arrange a free skype/zoom session or telephone call to discuss your specific needs.  All sessions will be 60-75 minutes.  All one to one sessions are delivered either via home visits and/or via an online platform.   If you are still unsure if this is what you want to do, why don’t you try one of our short courses first?  Please click here to check out our current Live Stream courses!

Our Retreats

If your prefer a Retreat style yoga practice in great locations overseas and/or within Europe, then please contact us  or register for a free membership today to receive information on future dates and offers.

About Me

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