This is our full disclaimer.  Please be sure to read it carefully so you know exactly where you stand in relation to the training, advice, and guidance, and any other services and products provided on this website.

We are not liable for injuries or ill-health caused as a result of undertaking our exercise programs.  You are solely responsible for your own safety!

ONLINE CLASSES: Please consult your doctor before commencing any of the practices on this website as not all exercises and levels may be suitable for you and/or to your medical condition and/or injuries that you may have.  Please watch all explanatory sub sections to a filmed class for further clarifications and/or modifications to exercises given.

In a One to One or group class practice, you are solely responsible to releasing all relevant medical information that may affect your exercise practice to your Trainer/instructor/teacher. We reserve the right to discontinue your training at any time if we feel it not suited for you.

Please note that results are not guaranteed, and no two person’s results will be the same! It takes commitment, dedication, and determination to succeed in any field.  Therefore, individual results depend on not only your dedication to a practice and hard work but also your ability to follow instructions carefully.  It also depends on other factors based on your individual circumstances for which we are not responsible.

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